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  1. Old upholsterers never die, they always recover!
  2. Bonells upholstery can replace the foam on any peice of furniture, campers, trailers, and mattresses for an instant face-lift. We carry excellent quality foam in all thicknesses. Can cut and install new foam for you in one day, thus bringing back the original comfort back to your favorite peice without total re-upholstery

  3. We have the largest selection of upholstery fabrics in the North Bay area.

  4. When you get something upholstered you will have an original one of a kind peice that no one else will have.

  5. Most older furniture has hardwood frames that have lasted a generation or two and once upholstered will last another couple of generations. Older furniture has an heirloom quality and once rejuvenated can be proudly passed down to the next generation, most new furniture cannot be given that honour!

  6. Are you tired of your existing furniture but realize it is of the best quality, you cannot purchase that kind of quality any more without paying a fortune. A qualified upholsterer can upholster your peices for half of what it would cost to buy new high quality furniture.

  7. A liscensed qualified upholsterer can recommend style changes and a nice new fabric will bring a peice right up to date.

  8. Maybe you found a unique peice at an auction or flea market or estate sale, it would look fantastic in your home but it is faded, needs repairs and the fabric just won't do. Get it upholstered!

  9. Because you want to create a room that is distinctly your own. The furniture that you choose for your home is an expression of your personality and personal taste. Custom upholstery gives you an opportunity to express that personality through a wide array of quality fabrics.

Some of the services we offer

  • Furniture repairs,welding of metal frames,show-wood refinishing or touch-up, supplies for the do-it -yourselfers, residential, marine, commercial and some aviation. Foam replacement.
  • Fall and winter upholstery classes available, please call or e-mail the store for information.
  • Excellent old-fashioned service.
  • Official upholsterer of the North Bay Heritage Carousel.
  • Bonnie is a liscensed upholsterer and an interior decorator.
  • Celebrating 39 years in business in the North Bay area


North Bay Upholstery
North Bay Upholstery
North Bay Upholstery